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I've been meaning to address a certain topic with all of you for quite some time, and while i struggle to keep a formal tone while writing this, i hope you take some time to at least scan through what i'm trying to say in this post.

Ever since i started blogging in 2013, my blog has transitioned from a really harmless and pure life blog into something that's on a more sensitive and personal level for me, so i guess you could say i've explored many more things and shared it with all of you. Most of my readers are people of the public, people whom i don't know in real life, with only a couple of readers which i'm actually close to. I am perfectly fine with sharing all this information with my close friends, and maybe the public, the people that don't know me at all. You see, i'm okay with those two groups of people reading through my posts, but i'm not exactly fond of having people who are my acquaintances, classmates or schoolmates finding out i have a blog and such.

It's very much a private blog of my own, but i prefer to keep it public to avoid causing so much trouble for my close friends entering passwords or emails just so they can read it. Then you ask, "why even tell them you have a blog?" They're my close friends, its either i tell them, or they find out on their own. I also feel that because i tend to only be able to express myself through writing or art, i should let them know how i really feel about things indirectly.

When i'm talking about the public, i don't mind sharing all my sensitive and personal information with them because, well, you don't know i exist. You don't know me at all. You might know my secrets and how i really work on the inside, but it's completely different because you won't know how i treat my friends, or things that can't be shown on my blog.

Pretty much all i have to say is:

Please respect what i post here, even if you disagree with my opinions, or just don't like what i'm posting. This blog is really special and personal for me, and it's fine if you want to read my entries, but please don't talk about them or in fact with me, if you know me in real life. These posts contain some things that i'm not fond of talking about in real life, so, unless, it's one of my embarrassing or weird shit, don't ask me about it if i don't mention it to you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, so it is now okay for you to view my blog.


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