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What is a 'Best Friend'?

I'm sure many of you have heard of, or used the term 'Best Friend'. What I'm here to clarify is, what are best friends? Aren't they just friends that are super close to you? Can you only have one best friend? Is that best friend the only person that you should share secrets and gossip with?

Over my years of having 'best friends', i realised something. Best friends change, so do you and i. I had a best friend once, in primary school. We were so young back then, we knew nothing. At that age, it was all about our favourite TV shows, our hobbies, and 'surface level' kinda stuff. Being in a convent school with strict measures also did not help. I used to think we knew a lot about each other, but i guess not. She knew me as that ridiculous train-wreck, not that I'm not, i still am. Though we never got very attached in the emotional deep side. I'll admit, i can become very 'deep', i like to give and receive advice, I'm really fond of l…


This isn't going to be much of a post, but just wanna share some pics with you guys while my nail polish dries HAHA.
Soo this was during our MTL fortnight we made dolls and stuff. These are some of my friends dolls lol.

OH COOL HEY TDD IS HERE and this is Eudora
Went to eat pizza with the patrol :D

We weren't prepared for our photo outside the art room lol

Taken by Isaac but he squatted -.-

Here's more lol

Did i ever post anything about my aspire camp? Here's a photo haah
So this is MY DOLL! Creepy?

I tried drawing me but it turned out weird


I haven't blogged in a while so i'm just typing this to update you guys lol. Recently I've also had a lot of ideas to blog about but whenever i want to blog I'm too lazy to turn on the com, and i don't like blogging on mobile. I also got my IC picture that we took in school a few weeks ago, and for the first time i can actually accept how i look in it. Its not pretty, but i don't feel like its extremely ugly unlike all of my passport/ezlink photos :P

I promise i'll go write out a few more draft posts and post when i have time! YAY :)